From Okinawa to the world

Through medical device development
Thinking of the preciousness of life,
As a company that continues to evolve
Nurturing human resources,
It becomes a property of the area
Contribute to medical care and society.

<dummy>Management policy

<dummy>Development of new medical equipment

3 quality:
  1. Product quality
  2. Quality of life of patients
  3. Quality of service
  1. Information ring
  2. Technology ring
  3. exchange ring

<dummy>From the six elements of, we will design and achieve a business that considers maximum corporate development.

<dummy>Significance of the project

  1. <dummy>Medical environment: The significance of releasing medical devices from Okinawa is that the development of Westernization will proceed quickly and that the incidence of diseases under the age of 65 is the highest in Japan
  2. <dummy>Employment Promotion: Opportunities to train human resources who are responsible for the future by manufacturing medical equipment in Okinawa and selling overseas
  3. <dummy>Regional Contribution: Not only Okinawa but also the island medical treatment of Okinawa will be an important knowledge in South Asia where the Kojima is connected
  4. <dummy>Support: Materials, technology, products OEM supply, regulatory registration, plant operation, quality assurance that professional cooperation was obtained
  5. <dummy>In the future we aim to cultivate human resources that contribute to medical care and to be a listed company in Okinawa that can take responsibility for supply to the medical field.





この度2020年4月1日より 株式会社沖縄医療機器開発事業は株式会社ニューロシューティカルズ沖縄へ社名変更する運びとなりました。 これからも医療機器開発を通じ生命の尊さを考え、発展し続ける企業として人材を育み、地域の財産となり医療と社会へ貢献してまいります。 今後とも何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。 社名変更のお知らせ


CompanyOkinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.
Address201, 413-1, Takayasu, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, 901-0242, Japan
AuthorizationAdvanced management Medical equipment sales etc.
OfficerRepresentative Director Akiyuki Takaya
Business contentsMedical device development, manufacturing and sales